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Our employees come together with a wide variety of skills and backgrounds to create talented teams of problem-solvers.We value people, their energy, ideas, commitment and personalities.We try to keep formal structures and hierarchies to a minimum so that team spirit can be fostered and nourished and so that the best ideas and people are given room to breathe and achieve. TodayAmerica is a people company and a teamwork company; we create environments where great people can do great work. We help clients become high-performance business. Skills development is one of the most important investments an organization can make to keep pace with technology.

Current Openings

We have around 10 Current Openings as Programmer Analyst to Analyze, design and develop software applications, define business requirement, modification of existing reports and interfaces.

C++, Java,J2EE,JDBC,Servlets,JSP, Java XML,API, JFC/Swing,SQL, MySql and MSSQL Server databases, Java Script, Unix Shell scripting.Bachelors in Computer Science /Engineering/ Electronics/Busi/Science or equivalent with five years work experience.In the alternative we accept Masters in Computer Science/Engineering/ Electronics/Busi/Science or equivalent with two years work experience.

Sound knowledge of the skillsets and excellent communication skill req. Competitive salary,40 hr/week.Send resume to TodayAmerica LLC Job location:1340 Hwy 36, Suite #9,Hazlet,NJ - 07730. 40 hr/wk.

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